Jordan Young

Jordan serves as editor of The Briefing. His interest in politics began in high school where he was a varsity debater and wrote regular political Op-Eds for the Review Journal in his hometown of Las Vegas. Beginning as an ardent conservative due largely to the influence of his grandparents, his political views changed over time. He now considers himself a moderate progressive, but celebrates his ability to see things from multiple perspectives. His passion for foreign policy and social justice led him to serve on a humanitarian mission in an HIV/AIDS Orphanage in Zimbabwe in late 2006 and early 2007. In June of that year, he joined the presidential campaign of then-Senator Barack Obama, working in the Field and Political departments in Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Colorado. After the election, Jordan moved to Washington, D.C., and was present through the Inauguration. From mid-2009 until April 2010, Jordan worked for a national non-profit legislative advocacy organization called Change That Works as an organizer and policy analyst. He is currently a student of International Studies and Economics at the University of Denver.

Jimi Jobin

Jimi is a teacher of philosophy and religion at a private Christian school. Spiritually cosmopolitan and deeply concerned about social morality, Jimi is an outspoken wild-card who's views can rarely be predicted. Always unexpected and unique, his opinion is highly sought as a way of gauging a perspective rooted in Christianity, and moored by social consciousness. Jimi, his wife and infant son live in Las Vegas, Nevada.